There are 3 Days Left For The #JoinHive Referral Contest!

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That's right! There is still time to onboard your friends and family to Hive! But you better act fast because there are only 3 days left to go!

Check out the leaderboard to see who is ahead:

So far here are the top people in the contest:

  1. @femcy-willy
  2. @jeanlucsr
  3. @soyunasantacruz
  4. @miriannalis

and a bunch of people are tied for 5th!

Remember, your referrals have to use the tag, 'joinhive' in their posts or else I cannot find the posts. Also, they have to take a photo with their hive name. If I missed any of the referral posts, please comment below so i can look at it.

Good Luck!

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Thank you for doing this.