Potatoes in 5 gallon Buckets

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We are growing our potatoes in 5 gallon buckets and hope to have a big yeild??????
From start to finish we have not lost even one spud....
There are two types of potatoes red and white that we brought from the local seed company and two 5 gallon buckets that we started with from potatoes that we brought from the local grocery store.

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Thank you.
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That does look like it would be both easy and fun to do! My issue growing things is I have 100% direct sun light, and already getting hot! if I could find some plants that thrive in desert heat and provide food I will join in!

I live here in Phoenix Az. in my apartment I have the opposite no sun. May be you can get some sun screen that they use on playground to keep the sun off your plants?
Thank you for your commit I sure enjoyed it.

That might work, not sure if where I live will let me use the screen. I know I will come up with something!

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