My 2 Cents, take it or leave it... I could give a fuck!


Steem has been a shit show for far too long now. Controlled by people who said if you don't like the way steem is run, buy a bigger stake and have your say.

Smoke and mirrors...

Now that somebody has bought a bigger stake, the top dogs who have been treating newbies like shit don't like that. This could make or break steem... time will tell.

But @justinsunsteemit is not a dumb dude. Yet, many people are in fear he will destroy steem...

But, then why buy a sinking ship?

Steem has potential, but has been running on cruise control with no captain, just a bunch of greedy (give me profit now, not think for the future, recover my initial investment... wankers). (NOT ALL, JUST THE VOCAL ONES!)

This could either utterly destroy steem, or give this social media platform the media attention that Ned never could, wanted too.

Even if Justin Has good intentions for both blockchains (Co-existing). Some of our fellow Steemians are so freaked out (to a toxic level, acting like whining little bitches) They could fuck this up completely for everyone...

If he bought a massive stake in steem because we have a great community... Why fuck it up now?

Justin is Not Dumb. He BOUGHT StINC and NED's STAKE. You cannot punish him for ninja mining, or any of that shit. HE BOUGHT A STAKE FAIR AND SQUARE!

If anything, be happy that this is an end to a portion of the pre-mined stake.

Justin is a businessman, Why blow out steems candle, to make Tron shine brighter... He can now boast about owning both blockchains and make both successful. Why would he want either to fail?

Why couldn't we have two blockchains, like two different programs (word and excel), Both owned by the same entity, but both serve different functions?

Why fear change? Isn't this why we all joined a blockchain... for a change?

Embrace it, don't fear it. Change causes unrest, if a change was easy... none of us would be here now!