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Keto, Diet, and Health.

After Joe's diagnosis, we talked to a Naturalpath in the first week.
The first thing he recommended was Keto or at least a low carb clean diet. Sugar feeds cancer and other processed foods take more work for the body to use and/or eliminate if it can keep up at all.

I'm not talking about Lunch Meat and Cheese Keto, I'm talking about wild salmon, mushrooms and Brussel sprouts, Keto.


I have a few extra pounds too and the Keto works really well for me and feels great. On the other hand, Joe's thin and has no appetite so it doesn't work well for him yet. He's doing clean low carb.

I lost a bit of weight right away but more importantly felt an energy return after the first couple of weeks.

The main take away for me is all the Cancer diets have more in common than differences. Removal of sugar, flour, and processed foods. Clean Healthy choices.

Real food! I have a friend that called a lot of food, Food Like Substances, and this is true. The body does well with what we evolved or trained it to eat. But if you have spent decades teaching your body to use carbs, it takes time and patience to retrain it, grow the proper enzymes, etc.

Understanding how your body fuels, cleans and restores its self is really pretty fascinating.

There is no doubt I too can use a cleaner diet, more energy, and better mood!
We are what we eat.



Good stuff - I gave up sugar, flour, and processed foods 22 years ago and managed to recover from a 3.5cm brain tumour - benign, but a tumour that size causes a lot of problems - and diet was a key factor.

I highly recomend this site:

I glanced at that site and I love it!

Any specific recommendation for fighting inflammation after radiation on the head?

Megadoses of Vitamin C - here is my page about Vit C (like most of my webpages it needs updating)

We are indeed what we eat. I'm glad to read this update, I think you are absolutely on the right track! If anything, he should feel a fair amount better physically during this ordeal. The main takeaway in a lot of these is that our body didn't have what it needed to destroy the cells the way it normally does because it was fighting elsewhere the effects of eating bad things. We aren't perfect ourselves but when we eat really clean and don't cheat, we feel loads better and lose a fair amount of weight (we aren't heavy but we aren't as thin as we used to be).

Look forward to reading more updates, I'm rooting for you!

Thanks, it's weird to look at every bite of food and consider... What will this add to my body! But I think it is important.

Awesome. Ive been keto since January, im down to the weight I was 25 years ago! And yes, eating great healthy food is a wonderful thing!

That's great to hear! Congrats

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Understanding how your body fuels, cleans and restores its self is really pretty fascinating.

It's not easy as well !!

Hmm I think it's time to think about what we eat too! Thanks & I wish Joe get well soon!

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