Hive Keychain DHF 3 - Week 43

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Authored by @stoodkev


As promised in our proposal, we will post regular updates to let you know what's going on regarding Keychain development.

Keychain extension

We have skipped a biweekly update because we were solely focused on polishing the v2 of the extension and we are happy to announce that we already invited dApps developers to test it and make sure everything still works fine with their dApps.
We will soon invite users to test it as well, ahead of the store release (planned for the end of this month).
In the meantime, we already started working on NFT integration and another big feature that will be announced shortly.

Mobile App

Although we were mostly focused on the extension, some bug fixes regarding HiveAuth integration and the overall UI were also pushed to production.

Download the Apps

All download links are available on our landing page. For mobile, you can use the links below:

To import accounts quickly from your Hive Keychain extension to your mobile App, use the QR Code scanner by pressing the QR code logo:

On your extension, navigate to the menu (top right button), then to Manage Accounts and finally click on Show QR Code.


To communicate with us or become an Alpha tester, join our Discord by following this link :

Or scanning this QR Code :


Core Team

@stoodkev : CEO - Witness
@nateaguila : UI/UX
@yabapmatt : Advisor - Witness
@aggroed : Advisor - Witness
@cedricguillas : Dev

Support Hive Keychain development by voting for our proposal on PeakD (on the upcoming section)or with HiveSigner.


Can you guys make a web interface for keychain, where users can manage funds only ... like a web wallet.
Especially now with the HBD apr...

Hi! I fail to see the point of this when there is already the possibility to do this from the extension and multiple wallets such as PeakD or Hive blog.

Yes the extension and Peakd are great, but for any new users, that just want to stake and receive 20%, a simple wallet UI would be nice.