Kissing DAY

in #kiss3 years ago

picture from unsplash

Today is an amazing day...

It is the international Kissing day

This might sound silly but I really love kissing and I even found out today its healthy

Benefits of Kissing

  • Kissing releases feel-good hormones and those have healing abilities.
  • Kissing makes you more alert.
  • Kissing can reduce your stress levels and that could lower your cholesterol levels.
  • Kissing can reduce your allergy symptoms.
  • Kissing reduces cortisol levels which improves self-worth
  • Kissing might boost your immunity.
  • It helps you bond with the other person
  • Kissing dilates your blood vessels which reduces blood pressure
  • Kissing is like facial muscle training and reduces wrinkles

picture from unsplash

But the most important, it's just so enjoyable.

just make sure you remove the masks first and that you are both corona free...


lol kissing through the masks may be a little unpleasant and difficult but it's possible!

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