The Sacred Kiss

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The Sacred Kiss

May the fertile lips of man and woman unite them under the Perfect Matrimony!

May the fertile lips of man and woman unite them to create the Holy Cross!

May the fertile lips of man and woman caress with true love!

O, how the fertile blossom of the golden flower blooms with the Perfect Matrimony of man and wife!

O, how the heart opens to pave way for the awakening of the Divine Mother Kundalini!

How angelic is the kiss of man and wife so tender, delicate, and soft!

This is the sacred kiss...

The sacred kiss is the angelic kiss of man and wife...

The fertile lips of man and woman unite during the kiss. Little and behold, the holy cross is taken by man and wife...

It is not merely the fertile lips that create the sacred kiss. The fertile phallus and uterus also create the sacred kiss. It is this sacred coitus that the phallus and uterus of fertile stone unite during the kiss. The fertile stone that I, Juan Mirieth Auriel, refer to is the sexual seed: the semen (shemen). The fertile stone must not be dismembered nor cut off in order to go to Heaven, for it is written in Deuteronomy 23:1, “No man with crushed or severed genitals may enter the assembly of the Yah-Hovah.” Whosoever does so carries a barren stone and will be indeed a failure...

How both man and wife whiten themselves for the preparation of the sacred kiss! The kiss is pure for the righteous one, yet the kiss can also be impure for the terribly perverse ones. When we look with angelic eyes during the kiss, it is indeed sacred and holy. When we look with demonic eyes during the kiss, it is totally perverse and malignant.

The sacred kiss is performed with true love. For one to know true love, one must learn to be. The essence knows true love, but the Ego does not. To be is through immaculate knowledge. True love opens the heart, paving way for the awakening of our Divine Mother Kundalini. Beware of a lustful kiss...

The lustful kiss is the demonic kiss. The lustful kiss is always performed under the guidance of the Ego. It is lust that closes the heart. Any guidance and obedience to the Ego are more than sufficient to sexually fall into fornication. In the name of truth, the demonic kiss is fornication. In the end, pain, suffering, and spiritual death will follow. Woe unto the couple who obey the Ego; their house will devolve from a house of happiness to a house full of pain, sadness, and great emptiness!

During the sacred kiss, there is an exchange of physical caressing that is always soft and tender, full of happiness and love. This is the angelic hug. Any physical caressing that is lustful and malignant is a demonic hug.

Therefore, the sacred kiss of man and wife during the Perfect Matrimony must be soft, delicate, and tender. So too the sacred coitus must be soft, delicate, and tender in order for the brain to control sex and to avoid falling into the orgasm.