The Bullish Case of Koinos

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A 100x from here is highly probable.
Koinos have rare properties, and some are completely unique.

The Fundamentals

Every day there is a new crypto project appearing. Most of them have a lot in common:

  • Unknown developers
  • Very well known pompous "Advisors"
  • Horrible initial distribution
  • Vague use case, or copy cat
  • Regulators bootlicking attitude (centralisation) or reversely, being completely opaque and sketchy

Koinos doesn't have any of that. This is RARE.
The team working on it have a long proven track record in the blockchain industry. They're clearly dedicated and being transparent about the project (they even have their own podcast).
Coins are being distributed fairly thru PoW minig, and tthe eam know what they want: a general use dApps platform.

The chart

After a big initial drop, Koinos formed a support around 1 cent for some time. It then popped to 3 cents apparently due to getting listed on Coingecko. The move was sudden and powerful due to low liquidity. It gives us an idea of what it is capable.
It then went back to its previous 1 cent support zone, and is starting to form what may be a greatly bullish double-bottom (Reminds me of Elrond.)

The future

Smart money predicts the future. Dumb money reacts to news. Koinos has no working product (yet.)
With such a thin "order book", imagine what could happen once koinos get listed on real exchanges: remember how easily it did +300% by simply being added on Coingecko.
I'd be surprised if it does only a 10x.
Imagine what could happen once they've a working product and get listed on multiple big exchanges.

At current time, Koinos marketcap is of 744K$, when other lower grade dApps platforms such as Tron sit at 2.2B$.
Considering Koinos goes there, that's a crazy 2700x return...
This is what being early is!

That's my opinion. Not investment advice.


Yep this could be happened. Nicely point out!


There is a nother thing to mention. They created and sustained world's only real blockchain social media. BLURT & HIVE came out of what they had already built. They have so much expereince and there is a large community (including some rich whales) that beleive in the team based on past performance. This will be great for price when things start moving up.

I didn't forget!

The team working on it have a long proven track record in the blockchain industry.

That's one of the biggest reason why I feel confident that they'll deliver the product, and when it goes live the price logically should rise.