Nasir - Swarup "Opening your face with love" Shabnam Faria "! You will be surprised if you know!

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Nasir - Swarup "Opening your face with love" Shabnam Faria "! You will be surprised if you know!

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Nasir: Open the face of the love of the suvara Shabnam Faria know you will be surprised .Humayra Subah, a young girl who has spoken to national team player Nasir Hossain for a while, has been on Facebook for a while. At the same time he uploaded several audio. So that the conversation between Nasir and the young man was revealed. Already Facebook and YouTube become viral. The name of the girl named Humayra Sabah In the viral Facebook Live video, the girl was told to introduce Nasir's girlfriend to Nair. Recently, social media fancy food for the fair. Many have presented opinions against Nasir and his alleged lover. Popular TV actress Shabnam Faria talked about this issue. Nasir said on behalf of the national team's cricketer, "I know Nasir Hossain personally from 2009. Not too close or close, but I like him as a cricketer, because I'm younger than my age, I love him. But recently I am just frustrated or angry about what is happening to him. What are you waiting for? Someone will not be able to video in order to show proofs if they truly love someone entering his house. Do not keep talking to people who will not record them. The people of their own love will not make the whole world sad. It is very important to just drop down so little for a little contact? If you are capable, then you can work only. However, Nasir has not yet received any such statement regarding these audio and video. Nasir fans believe that this is being done to spoil the career of the cricketer. NirvanaVEVO by Chris Zabriskie is a licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license


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