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Hello Ladies of Hive!


Good news! We have finalized the author rewards.

To qualify, article must be posted in the Ladies of Hive community and must have a minimum of 200 words. Effective immediately, token distribution will be as follows:

No of tokens heldAuthor reward
1 to 551 token
51 to 2502 tokens
251 to 10003 tokens
1001 to 20004 tokens
2001 and above5 tokens

Authors of articles will receive notification in their article: You have received [Number of token/s] for posting in Ladies of Hive. We believe that you should be rewarded for the time and effort spent in creating articles. The goal is to encourage token holders to accumulate and hodl LOH tokens over a long period of time.

Any article written that focuses on women- their interests, joys, passions, and as well as any article that share stories of their journey in life, is qualified to receive author rewards. Of course, we shall continue doing the weekly contest.

Additionally, we have included a reward for commenting on articles. Token holders of 10 tokens or more can get 0.10 token per comment on any Ladies of Hive article that is not their own.

Another great news! In addition to the token prize awards and the Ecency points awarded to winners of weekly contest, a LEO prize will also be included! A total of 50 LEO will be awarded- 15 tokens for 1st prize, 7 tokens each for max of 3 second prize, and 3 or 2 tokens for 3rd prize winners. We have @anomandsoul to thank for this.

This coming week July 10 to the 16 we are going on a one-week break, only from contests! Keep those articles coming! Your articles are valued. Content that has depth on women interests, issues and concerns provide the reader with information that may be genuinely relevant and helpful to them.


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Check out the last post from @hivebuzz:

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Feedback from the July 1st Hive Power Up Day
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Get Stacking those LADY Tokens!
When Hive gains massive adoption our community can only get better with more future perks and benefits as this platform grows.

Very cool! Thanks for all of your hard work!

Amazing things just keep coming in the community, awesomeness! Thank you lots and cheers Ladies of Hive!

This is great news ladies🥰💃💃
Ladies of hive community always find ways of spicing up our engagement here and I love it.

The break is taken note of👍🥰💖

The news is wonderful. I am especially happy about the comment reward. It will increase the engagement in the community

This is a good news indeed. Thank you so much for the improvement

That is a huge bonus! I look for to this one alot. ❤️

So lovely, I really love this

Wow! This is so wonderful! I am glad to be part of this community. God bless you all!

Wow that’s amazing… very cool. Thanks for everything you do for this community. 👋🏻😁🥰
Great news!


The Ladies of HIVE Community
keeps getting better with all of
these fantastic rewards and perks.
Way to go!
#LOH #LadiesofHive

Hello! Please find my entry to the contest here. Thank you ☺️☺️☺️


My first time

Very cool! Thanks for your work!

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Trying all these, because I have some... I don't know if it works 😆


All these extras and high engagement always on the blogs made. Great work and great that will for sure attrack even more lady bloggers
Thanks and see you on a blog

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