Black sand beach @ Valle Gran Rey La Gomera Island

Black sand beach

at Valle Gran Rey, La Gomera Island

The black sand is of volcanic origin. It has the same characteristics as the normal sand everyone knows. Nevertheless, it is significantly mineral-rich.

The crystal clear water does not look quite as blue due to the black sand as you would otherwise know from paradisiacal islands. Nonetheless, the black sand is beautiful, especially when the sun goes down.

The great thing about the black sand on the shores of La Gomera is that it stores the solar energy faster and thus warms up much faster.

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Even though I live less than 20 miles from the beach, I never seem to get to it enough. Thanks for the reminders! :)

Yeah man, I wouldn't either. Its an amazing island und I totaly plan to come back there! Maybe we can have a cup of coffee then ;) Cheers

Wow, it is a magic place! Stunning view.

Yeah, it really is! Thx for being here ;)

It's a pleasure 😊

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