On the other hand, LasseCash is a very small niche right now, I dont know if it will ever grow big? If you want something that can make you rich with 99% certainty, I recommend HEX and related tokens.

So 10% in LasseCash and 90% in HEX is what I recommend.

Honestly, it is hard to take that serious when you seem reluctant to list HEX on Hive-Engine. 1000 BEE to make that happen

Last time I suggested that possibility you pointed out that Richard Hart pinky promised HEX won't always be an ERC-20 token. Why won't you then commit to working with Hive-Engine to utilize PulseChain after PulseChain is live or Hell freezes over, whichever happens first? Hive-Engine already utilizes the Polygon, Binance, and Ethereum chains and PulseChain is just a scammer's imitation of the Ethereum chain

Commit to an eventual LASSECASH:SWAP.HEX liquidity pool pairing. If HEX is so awesome you wouldn't hesitate to do that. Otherwise it seems like HEX is a Ponzi scheme and that's why you shill for HEX.

Well, I see you getting rekt from a mile away but at least you are laughing. That's what is important. After the HEX collapse having fun with the Surprised Pikachu and Captain Hindsight memes about how Terra's yield was unsustainable but HEX's 10000X+ was perfectly fine and could keep going forever. Must have been the Gob'ment conspiracy. Probably NASA keeping HEX from the Reptilians so the repties couldn't buy the Bermuda Triangle for some sinister purpose.

BUT yes I believe right now HEX is the best investment of them all.

How do you know one of the funniest lines from That 20202s Show? That comedy series won't be made for another 20 years! Are you also on the run from the Time Enforcement Commission? Are you just pretending to be one of the stupid people of this time period to blend in? That would explain a lot.