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One friend Bjarne, recommended me to listen to this new Pink song with her daugther:

I dont know... its cute alright, but the lyrics part "Tell me that the world has been spinning, since the beginning" is false information, since we live on a flat stationary earth.. that line ruins the song... and then of-course I was never a fan of Pink, isnt she just another Illuminati puppet (even she probably dont know it herself)???



I think Pink might be a man.

I am positive that this comment was not meant negatively. Am I to censor myself on a truth platform? I have seen men in Orleans, San Fran and Vegas that will fool you face to face. It is not insane to think Hollywood is capable of pulling some wool over our eyes. The Great Deception and The Big Lie have little lying branches in every direction. I think Pink might be a man, and not nearly the only male celebtity presented as female. I think that this is the proper place to make such a comment, because controversial topics need a place to be discussed, and this is supposed to be just such a place. I am not suggesting Pink is a bad person, or has evil intent. It seems (in America, at least) there is an agenda to ignore the difference between male and female, to estrogenize males testosterize females, and have us all see this as normal. It bugs me.


Well, I think its possible that people do that trick, but I never thought about it in regards to Pink. You could be right, I dont know. After I realized the world is flat, then I think anything is possible.

Sorry for the negative comment. Keep us posted on LasseCash.

Pot, meet Kettle.