Earth is flat, there is no globe. No doubt. This is a fact. I'm flat earther.

Great and excellent write up, I believe you.

Not just Gen Z will love Sait.

Me too @driplord will also love Sait. 🤓😎

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Awesome Post, yeah only invest what you are comfortable with. There is some big news coming for Saitama soon, some huge listings, and partnerships to be announced. The whales are gonna keep holding because this is still really early on in the project. I see this coin performing like HEX over the years to come. I'm not selling mine at all, and I even plan to keep adding more this week, and the weeks ahead, because I like the way the project has been handled so far, I love the community, and all the buzz surrounding Saitama!!!

Mostly from my friends I met from shibswap. I also get a lot of information from YouTube videos, and just doing my research.

I hope they will adapt it. Good news!!

There is a possibility that there will be a little dump now.

Yeah, maybe a little one before the big exchange listing in a few weeks.

Because for a few days it has only gone up, did not come down.