Make +16000X in a year on LasseCash pool

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If I managed to make the calculation right (which I think I did correctly), then you can earn +16000X currently on the LasseCash pool.

Here are some of the calculation

day X
1 0.028
2 0.056
3 0.085
4 0.115
5 0.146
6 0.178
7 0.211
8 0.244
9 0.279
10 0.314
… …
350 14229.652
351 14623.841
352 15028.949
353 15445.278
354 15873.140
355 16312.854
356 16764.748

And this is not accounting for the bonus, so with bonus the potential result is even better. What are you waiting for?

This is better than many other cryptocurrencies and maybe the best paying pool on the whole list.

You can pull the liquidity instantly and payouts are daily, so you can compound the reward and get these nice returns. While more people want to get in on this the price of LASSECASH will go up and the liquidity provided will get at a higher number, but the return should stay around this bulkpark.

/Lasse Ehlers


Just landed on this post, not sure why.

What is the use by case of this Lasse token?

So, the token is used for minting NFTs?

I am not versed with technical knowledge. Can you explain to me in layman's terms.

Diesel rewards are? Discounts to getting Diesel oil?

Well you understand Hive right?

LasseCash is a better Hive in my opinion.

"Diesel pool" is just a word for a pool where you can swap the tokens, you can see the pools here:

Scroll down to see the LasseCash pool.

When you provide liquidity to the LasseCash diesel pool you have the option make maybe +16000X per year!