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RE: How to Remain Effective as a Team Leader Without Getting Burned Out?

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Thank you for your answer @purepinay .
I gotta say it's a charming & diplomatic one. My compliments.
I also hope i can trust the innocence in your words.
You really earned some respect, for admitting that some of my blog rewards are overvalued. I hope the whales will balance their upvotes better.
To start a downvote campaign is bad karma, i'm an upvoter or leave it alone type a guy...hardly ever used the downvote button.
I think the "Jump" in value of your posts started around July 2021, that's why it looks like you joined some circles...
I got a little emotional about it & even made a video , seeing a even more
exaggerated example than your over value, over 400 Hives for 4 sentences of a introduction. Like i say in the video, to show people "Amigo" business is the wrong way to lead as an example.Apropos Leadership 😉
Thanks again for your answer.