I got a Ledger!

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Ledger Nano S

These past few months I was able to accumulate some Ethereum and I started to worry about where to safely store them since I'm not planning to convert it to fiat soon. Being the non-techy with these kinda stuff, I researched and found out that the safest way to store is through a hardware wallet.

It was a good timing that Ledger was actually having a 50% off for their Nano S, so that encouraged me to buy.

Ledger Family pack.jpg

I added the Nano S to my cart and it was quite frustrating that the shipping fee is literally the same price as the product lol. They don't allow you to buy more than 1 with the 50% off as far as I remember.

Then I saw the family pack which lets me save 27% so I just bought it instead. The family pack contains 3 Ledger Nano S.

Of course I thought what the hell am I gonna do with these 3 so I just thought of giving one to my boyfriend and one as a stock. Later on I found out my friend wants a Ledger too so I just sold it to him.



I got excited and I immediately posted that photo to my Insta story. Of course my friends can't relate. CBA explaining though, let them think I'm just into ponzi schemes and get-rich-quick-scams even when I tried to show them how important blockchain is, how awesome Hive is etc. I'll leave them alone and see them regret in the next bull run when I am a millionaire (in peso). :3


This is how it looks like when it's unboxed. It has some instructional cards, cables, sling, and the Nano S.


I also wondered why my Ledger arrived with a packaging that looks meh. Just a paper with just little bubble wrap inside lol. I was kinda suspicious at first cos it got hold in Manila for days and it arrived looking like that. But then I checked everything and the waybill number is the same as this one and besides I can check in the system if its genuine anyway. :3


The recovery sheets look neat.


Then I downloaded the Ledger Live to be able to install apps and store coins and manage shit there.


It looks so cool. :3

I'm just gonna store my Eth here though, but I know they are already working on enabling Hive published on Ledger Live. So will have to wait til it gets enabled cos I can't manually install it since I have no idea about coding lol.

That's all I can say though. I'm not a techy one and I definitely need to do more research about hardware wallets so if you are interested, do your own research first before you decide anything.

If you're planning to buy though, purchase it directly from the website cos I heard it can still be tampered in some way...

If someone got a referral link for it, you can drop your links below and someone might pick it up and purchase using your link. :3

Keep yer keys safe!


Nice. I’ve got one as well and it is pretty sweet. It is nice knowing that your crypto is safe and won’t get “hacked” while it is on an exchange. It is just scary to think about losing the little thing though.

Man it would also be fun to bury it somewhere... and let one lucky guy find out about it in the future.. That's if you're generous hahaha fun fun!

Yeah.. I wonder though am I gonna lose everything if this gets corrupted or somehow decide it won't turn on anymore? Still better since I can only blame myself instead of losing something online lol

Keep seed phrase secure, so even if something happens to ledger your funds can be restored.

I was underwhelmed by mine. Especially when I realised you can only easily store 4 coins on it, and double especially when it crashed and I had to type in all those words to reset it.

Those back up cards are more important than the device!

Ah yeah, heard Nano X is better since you can store more but good enough for me since I only plan to hodl a few coins. How did it crash? Damn it's hard to even navigate, how much more type..

I'm not really sure how it crashed, it just wouldn't read when I plugged it in, needed a reset via all those seed word, and I mean ALL of them! Took about 15 minutes just to type them in.

It's interesting to know this. I have not seen or own one before.
Thanks for sharing

Noice! Look at you being all crypto responsible, If she has a ledger you know shes a keeper because she'll HODL no matter what

I just realized all these when the takeover happened. Never thought exchanges could do that! :/

If she has a ledger you know shes a keeper because she'll HODL no matter what

And also true that! :P

When I found out the 50% discount applied via their site, I also doubted to buy one, or the 3 pack like you did. When I decided it would need to be one only as I didn't have that much faith in it being super awesome, I found out shipping costs were insanely high. Then I let go of the idea to purchase one :) With 3 of them, shipping costs were free, I think, so I get that you went for that option ;) Curious to see what you feel about it after using it for a while, so an updated review is very welcome :) #hinthint

Haha yeah it was free for the 3. Oh, it charges high shipping fee still? I thought mine was only high cos I'm from Southeast Asia.. Hahah yeah I will probably, or will just tell you if you ask lol.

Yes, I thought so, but wasn't completely sure anymore about the free shipping for the 3 pack.

I may ask in a while as I'm curious if you are happy with it in a while, I mean the other model was double the price I think, but I wonder if I'd buy it just because of the options (that I may never need/use) or because it's actually a good investment.

I am so not trained for this kind of stuff yet, I only begin to understand crypto and all. Quite a small device, the principle of it is so amazing if you think about it in the grand scheme of things. Must learn more about this crypto stuff, I feel I am dealing with sci fi information lol.

Same here! Hahaha. I never cared about this before since I only had Steem and was just playing around, exploring things. I never had knowledge with crypto prior to Steem as well. I don't even want to go read all technical info about blockchain in general cos it will make my head explode lol. I'd rather focus on improving my current skill instead.

For sure you'll learn slowly.. The good thing about Hive is that we don't have to worry much about security. Just don't lose your keys!

I will do that😂 Glad I am not alone in this. I can relate with the "my head will explode part" lol. I get this feeling every time technical stuff gets around me😂

I've had one since 2018, welcome to the family!

Hahah nice! Thanks :D

Someone here planning to be a Billionaire hehe nice move and such a perfect time also

Never settle for less. :p

Surely your boyfriend has one already? He's a veteran investor 😎

Surprisingly he doesn't have one yet lol

Great choice, I have the same ledger nano S, it was the first thing I bought in crypto before any BTC back in Dec 2017 and never felt so secure about it in my life! As soon as I deposit funds to the Ledger, I'm like, that's it, don't have to worry about that any more haha!

Haha so you bought it before you bought coins? Damn that's nice, you really care about security :D Man I swear the more I learn about the blockchain, it gets more awesome :D

Haha yeah, I did so much reading about security and heard some horror stories about people's funds being stolen so I absolutely went all guns blazing on security here haha! I've definitely got a strong enthusiasm for blockchain tech since getting involved with it and love hearing about all the new applications it's trying to solve, really cool if not a bit technical sometimes 😃

WOW. I had no idea that such a thing existed :) I guess I never had enough digital money to put it in the wallet. :)) so where are you going to get this little wallet :) always having money on me would bother me. heh heh. I am kidding. good games with this sweet device :).

I had the same mindset before. When you have no money, your problem will be about earning one. But when you do and you know bull market's near, you'll start worrying how to safely store them. You'll have problems either way hahaha

Hardware wallet?? Wow, never knew there was a thing as such. Well, I've just got to learnt something new today, from you 😀.

Well, it looks great. Gonna do a little more findings on it. Have fun using your Ledger Nano S 😊

Yah! I also never thought it existed lol and I didn't know how it would make sense having a hardware wallet but reading about it made sense. Glad you learned something :D

Cool! I've been wanting to get a hold of that Ledger. Not that I have lots of crypto to store, but just... haha. It feels like you're a real crypto holder if you have one. Or something like that. 😝

IKR! Hahahah. I feel very crypto nerd now because of this. B-)