Wow... LEO now worth more than Hive ?

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This is incredible.

One LEO is now worth 1.179 Hive on

I guess LEO was the one to HODL.

Great news for @LeoFinance .... Congratulations !!!!



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Leo miner all sold out on FOMO and now they are listed at 5 hive. That’s a hike from the 2 hive original list.

Crazy. It is selling for 5 Hive ???? Where ?

On HE miners where 2 hive yesterday and someone bought them all and now the lowest list is 5! That’s an ROI

But you can buy 1 LEO for 1 Hive on Hive-Engine

These are for the miners

Speculators will speculate. Still this is a pretty amazing achievement even still.

It actually makes me wonder if mass adoption is something more suited to a 2nd layer dapp like Leo

Too bad you didn't use for this post cause it helps appreciate even more in value 😭

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Yeah... I posted from the community but clicked on the wrong button.
Should I delete this post and try again ?

Haha, no worries friend just messing with you 😂

Yeah... I sure wish I bought some back at almost zero....