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RE: Will 3Speak Bring Out A Token

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I guess it would be hard to track people who have watched there, unless they can check if votes have been cast through the platform, though considering their videos are embeddable on our front-ends I doubt they have many viewers on the actual 3speak platform.

I would not disagree to reward posters and curators of 3speak videos in general though, retrospective airdrops are becoming popular, we've seen it happen many times with Gods Unchained and it has brought a ton of hype and loyalty to the project.

In my post recently about shittokens I did mention retrospective airdrops and I'm working on finetuning the road towards making that happen for social community tokens where there is no premine of any kind except for some airdrops to who they choose as deserving while we assist them with the data and infrastructure to grow their communities aside from the curation we already help them with. I think these will have a much bigger chance at becoming big because not only will it interest investors but it will also force the owners to buy into their own token, thus idea, thus if they believe in the future of the token which remains open to a lot of possibilities after a very fair start.

Aside from 3speak and poshtoken there are not many fairdrop tokens around unfortunately so hopefully I can play my part in helping create more of those.


I agree completely. There are not a lot of projects that follow what you describe. Hence, those two projects are ushering in a new model that I think will take off. Those with large founder stakes end up being dumped upon and I think most will realize it.

Tokenizing communities is a powerful concept. I look forward to what you finely tuned plans.

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