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RE: Will 3Speak Bring Out A Token

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It would make sense honestly. At some point I'd love to see some type of subsribe/membership on videos which could be paid in FIAT but is used to buy the native token and sent to the person. I know they are not doing ads but again. Kind of think one ad or some sort of very minor amount of ads is kind of critical for building revenue. To me these places should be taking successful real world businesses with subscribers, donations, ads and so forth and applying all of that into the value of the token. I don't get why no one does that yet and instead just writes it off. The money and revenue has got to some from somewhere to the token value and crypto has HUGE potential for that including swap fees as yet another method to keep value in the token.


You nailed it. There are a lot of rooms for creativity. This is going to alter how people are rewarded.

We will see what is churned out. Right now, they are working on infrastructure.

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