Little Wins: Getting Buy Orders Filled

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Hi Everyone,

Whenever I use hive-engine, I usually just settle for the best price on the other side of the market. I just want rid of the tokens now because I'm an impatient human. I was buying some LEO and decided to set a slightly higher bid than the current. Of course, as soon as I submitted this order a bot overtook me slightly, but after only 20 mins, my order was completely filled. I do this very rarely and it was nice to save 0.04Hive/LEO Purchased. Just the icing on the cake since LEO is quite reasonably priced at the moment thanks to the dump.

Also got some good news about my Hard Drive, it's fine...ish, some files are corrupt and I might have to reset my windows to put all the files back in the right place, but the drive is completely fine (apart from the wrongly written files) as it seems the SATA port on my Motherboard was a little dodgy as changing ports made it work just fine, now time to go clean up this mess.

Have a great day,
~ CA


@cadawg, In my opinion it looks like Leo Token is having it's own Hive Wave and Hive Bull Run. Stay blessed.

I wouldn't mind that 😁

Mil Bendiciones, y que todo salga bien... Un gran saludo desde mi humilde cuenta...