Bitcoin Price Prediction From Back In 2018

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I was clearing some old images on my phone and chanced upon this beautiful chart from back in 2018, I think.

Always interesting to see how predictions have stood the test of time. This one looks pretty good to me, so far.

For 2021 it is predicting that we will hit $100k and around 2024, we will be in the $400k range.

If there's one thing I'll be doing, it is to hold out for at least 100k and keep stacking those sats till then. Let's see if this prediction is accurate.

Crossing my fingers! 🤞


That’s nuts, but I said the same thing last bull run and the price kept going crazy. It’s amazing how this thing pumps once it gets going...

Enjoy this bull run though fam!

Best thing to do is buy on dips and keep stacking those sats. Fingers crossed we hit 100k

@charcoalbuffet this is such a cool chart! I agree with the $100k valuation and the $400k by 2025 seems pretty realistic based on this chart and the current level of adoption. This is worth a reshare!

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Thank you @gualteramarelo! We're still early in the crypto space so hopefully we see a decent price appreciation I'm bitcoin in the coming few years.