Cannabis Tourism Could Be A Multi-Billion Industry

It is already estimated that cannabis tourism could easily be a $1 billion market, maybe more? There is a great deal of potential for cannabis and still a lot of room left to cater to this market and need for cannabis-friendly destinations and services.

What do you think of when you think of cannabis tourism?

  • Cannabis-themed events
  • 420 tours
  • cannabis-friendly hotels
  • cannabis dispensaries close by
  • cannabis freedom to smoke while on vacation
  • cannabis delivery
  • cannabis restaurants that serve canna food on the menu and more.

From hotels to cannabis museums there is a lot to offer within this market and there are many cannabis tourists around the world who would enjoy taking part as well.

Now the U.S. has a chance to capitalize on this market where traditionally many cannabis tourists would go to places like Amsterdam, but things have changed over the years as legalization has spread around the world. But there is still a lot of need for cannabis-friendly stays in the U.S. and elsewhere.

On their first day of opening there are cannabis dispensaries that can easily see millions in sales and thousands of customers come through. This is the case in state after state all around the U.S., there is a huge demand.

From drawing tourists around the world, offering the perfect place for certain conventions to be held etc, there are many reasons to explore goods and services that cater to the cannabis tourism market.




that's something I've wanted for years. a stoner's resort. with swimming pool and all hotels and of course grow rooms

I'm still waiting for the tasting rooms to open! Lol

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I wanna see some cannabis forest. :)