Out of Touch Control on Cannabis

in #leofinance2 months ago

Cannabis companies are already struggling in California and other regions that are burdened by excessive fees that they must endure if they want to do business.

Not every entrepreneur is going to face the same license fees and taxes etc that are imposed on their products and some might describe the fees in the cannabis market as predatory.

If the goal is to have people turning to the legal market instead of the black market then what isn't going to help is loading up those products with numerous fees that make the price more expensive and out of reach for the average consumer. If another goal is also to have people pursue their peaceful business endeavors that bring value to their communities, this is also made more difficult with excessive fees that they must endure to bring value to others.

Every president has been bad for the war on drugs, yes every single puppet hasn't done much of anything to reform the nonsensical restrictions for this plant. Are we surprised truly that they would fail again at the most recent attempt too?

There are thousands who have unnecessarily spent time in a cage because of cannabis. The new effort by the dems to come up with a cannabis bill shows how out of touch they are at trying to come up with something reasonable and this is demonstrated by their idea to impose a 25% tax on cannabis sales. With this they show they don't care about cannabis companies, they don't care about cannabis patients, they only care about making money by selling people access to their natural rights.



It's disgusting how the government is handling legal cannabis. They really should be ashamed of themselves. I don't think a single state has gotten it right yet. The taxation, licensing, and greed are shameful.

This should be a cash crop and boom industry and they're ruining it before it even gets off the ground.