Will Thailand Win At High-End Cannabis Tourism?

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Things are changing for cannabis in Thailand and there are a growing number of businesses coming to the market to cater to this space. It is expected that over time Thailand will use the cannabis availability to draw in more tourists and there is a lot of money in cannabis tourism and the marijuana market in general.

Will they succeed at becoming one of the best for high-end cannabis tourism? They already have one of the top travel destinations in the world and mix that with broad cannabis availability in the form of various cafes, restaurants, and other businesses, and you've got a lucrative space to draw in tourists from around the world.

There are many spaces now competing to cater to cannabis consumers and provide a wide range of services and goods. From Vegas to California, and Colorado. And now we will see a growing market in Thailand too. However, there is a lot of space left to grow and many needs yet are still not met. Cannabis-friendly hotels for tourism are essential for cannabis patients for example and there is still a great need for them around the US too.

Ordering some cannabis-infused food and drinks at restaurants

Clinics will now have a space in the region to seemingly offer cannabis more freely to those who might need it. They have already been allowing that medicinal cannabis space to grow for several years now.

A number of prisoners are also going to be released as well who have previous cannabis-related convictions, thanks to the reform under their new embrace of cannabis trade in the region.

Tourism is a big market for Thailand, they bring in millions of tourists each year. Now that there will be a growing range of cannabis busiensses, from spas and cafes, restuarants, and more, they will begin to see more cannabis-specific tourism coming in as well. If it goes well for them who knows what other surrounding regions it might inspire to follow in relaxing the rules just the same.




That's pretty interesting as we are using a highly concentrated cannabis oil in the treatment of my husband's cancer, and while this is a Legal state with lot's of dispensaries, we were unable to obtain it locally and had to do some fancy tricks to get it.

I think countries that adopt medical cannabis and even recreational will become hubs for those who want and need the effects of a 5000 year old medicine that was commonly sold until 1950.

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this is very interesting as ive heard multiple stories of people using it for that reason, are you coupling it with other traditional therapies i wonder or just cannabis? and i hope it is working for you?

Many people including my husband use it along side chemo.

In lower doses it can be good for side effects, in high dosage it can actually kill cancer.

It is definitely working to reduce side effects of chemo, and we will know more about helping to kill the cancer in August, when they will do his next set of scans.

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You're right on the money there. It's a shame that people have to jump through hoops to get the medicine that actually helps them. I am a huge proponent of legalization.

I have wanted to ask about your husband but didn't want to hijack a post not related to health, but this one seems to be appropriate. You both are still in my prayers and come August I hope to hear some good news!

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It would be a lot easier if Florida just made it legal for recreational use.

Bongs and beaches. What could be better?

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Seems like we had a long slog just to get medical. Hopefully full recreational is just around the corner.

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Yes it did take a long time. There is an evolutionary curve that I believe is part of the equation. While the first few steps were the hardest, things are getting easier. Each passing of legality makes the next one that much easier.

It is also compounded by the moves in other areas such as "Magic Mushrooms". This will also have a major impact.

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C'mon Florida...for the win! It's about time for FL to step up. Medical is good but full legal is the way.

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I dont think it will happen anytime soon but the push still needs to take place.

It is to the point where it is ridiculous. We have to learn prohibition never works.

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right? pls someone pass the msg onto desantis.. thought he was a fan of freedom?.. lol
bongs beaches and crypto! lets go

I do love my governor, but he needs to step up his cannabis game lol. Bongs, beaches and crypto for the win :D

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if only he would try to be more principled along the lines of freedom ...

Bongs and beaches. What could be better?


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I love Thailand. One of the best countries to have tremendous fun for cheap. xD Now I have one more reason to settle there.

So far in my life, I have been to 5 different countries, and it is still my favorite of all.

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I did read another post about this and it seems good news, however there is a strength limit involved, which I believe is akin to the level of hemp.
If it helps stimulate tourism then it can only be a good thing!

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they always gotta be karens on the thc limit

karens get everywhere, talk about killjoys..

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Feels good to be able to smoke and do some good to oneself. That restriction can be stigmatizing

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Sounds cool. I know people who don't like traveling cause they need their meds (cannabis).

I'd like to be a big booger and point out that California is not so cool if you are wanting to smoke and are visiting.

Sure, you can buy cannabis almost anywhere but its such a smoker unfriendly world here. The restaurants are smoke free, as well as public transportation, you can't smoke within 25 feet of buildings, and you can't smoke at any parks or city spaces.

Staying at a hotel? Be ready to pay the extra "smoking" fee that they charge if they can tell you smoked at the place.

So yes, Cali, I love it, I love being able to get cannabis delivered right to my front door, but if I was a tourist - at least here in San Diego County, you better get the vapes or edibles.

Rant over. haha.

Thanks for helping me put Thailand back on my dream board!

Guess I better get those AVA tokens.

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