Eddie Earner week 12 - EDS tokens

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Eddie Earner here. Well folks, how has this week been for you? I hope good, it's been an ok for me, a busy week but I do like beeing a busy bee. I have had my Aunt susie-saver living with me for the past 9 months since COVID lockdown started, she locked down with me cause she's old and my mum made me but she never left. So to cut a long story short, she watches me do my thing with EDS tokens and she wants some of the action. Starting from the 1st/2nd Saturday of 2021, you will be introduced to my Aunt susie-saver. I am all about earning money and my Aunt is all about saving money.

I am very sure you will enjoy her saving posts and tips, she might even start a saving challenge. Please, everyone, be super nice to her, she's pretty old and we know old people dont have a sense of humour. I dont have a picture for you guys to see but i will say she aged gracefully. That's a nice way of saying she got worse looking slowly. Anyways, im not gonna bang on about me Aunt susie-saver all day, we've got over stuff to look into like my numbers for the week.

Righto, before i get started i would like to make you aware that i have only been posting 1 time per week for the past 2 weeks. This will change and between me and my Aunt, we will put out 3 posts per week and really get the ball rolling on this. All the EDS tokens are issued, we our funded and there's nothing stopping us.

Week 12


I currently have 20k HP leased out earning some passive income every week. I think any new HP i gain will be delegated to leo-voter which will provide some passive LEO income. We are focused on HIVE but nothing wrong with earning LEO :)

The income payments for this week have only increased by the smallest amount but give me 3 months and I'll show you why they call me Eddie "the fantastic" Earner. If you've never heard any call me that, that is because only cool people call me that and all your friends are prob not cool, sorry but the truth is a bitch.


Very nice payout this week, I estimate 13%?
You've set up susie-saver good and proper 😂

Can't wait to meet your auntie!

Hello @eddie-earner. I received some EDS Tokens. Thanks for sending. I truly appreciate it.

As for your Aunt, I totally agree:

old people dont have a sense of humour.

We've been through many, many years of humor. Straight talk and direct actions moving forward is all we want to hear and see for the rest of our years until we've gone on to Hive Heaven.

Have a good weekend.

Can you kindly point me into the direction of where I find your post about how to earn?
How do I get passive income rolling on hive what do I have to do?