SEED Holdings Report #28 - Move2Earn Takeover!

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Hello everyone,

I don't have much time (family time) so this one will be a fast report.

But Wow.
What a week! today I spit out (again!) my cereal when I woke up, Step App ($FITFI) has taken over our portfolio and is now our #1 holding & without showing signs of stopping down anytime soon. A few key points to recap what's been happening lately with SEED.

  • One of our presales has taken over and made an x100. FITFI is our newest addition and also the lion's share of our holdings now (~41%). More details on my last post.

  • We're waiting for another presale ($ PORTX) where we participated with 7900$ to get listed on exchanges (I'm bullish but much more conservative vs FITFI).

  • Since a majority of our portfolio is now locked (~81%) we have to switch again to a more conservative role with the rest of our holdings. New unlocks will be sold for USDT, USDC, BUSD & HBD to guarantee some degree of liquidity while we wait for unlocks. I know it's boring but this problem will be less prominent over time.

  • Because of this (most of our liquidity is locked). I CAN'T GUARANTEE a buyback of all your SEED at the current backed price of 3,82$. If you want to redeem your tokens, contact me through discord/telegram (won't DM you first) and we'll discuss how we're managing this (through partial buybacks, for example). I'll try to set up a discord and create a channel to manage OTC deals for this.


Current SEED Stats:

Circulating Supply: 100.000 tokens (full released)

AUM Value (All assets): 382.000$

SEED BACKED Value: 215000/100000 = 3,82$ /SEED

382/10 = 38,2% MoM profit


Pretty big jump today, ATH is near! I won't jinx it. Have a great weekend!


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Hey there SEED king, are you ok? Not worried of you running off with our funds 🤣😂 just dropping by to say hi 😀

I'm fine, thx for asking. Update soon :)


Can hardly wait


ladies it's official: empo's seed is getting more valuable by the day :)))

WOW! FITFFI I don't know what it is but it looks like we did Bingo! Are you planning to transfer some funds to HBD Savings?

This is just the beginning still and $3.82 is still nearly a 400% return so definitely not boring. Wait until we have more liquid in a year or two how much damage you could then do. Great stuff and we just need patience.

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Pump it dickhead !

hit the lottery! :) Well played!

Is it something that actifit can do?

Will check more but look like I caught a glimpse that is having 2 Billion USD marketcap.

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Wow, that is amazing and it looks like more funds will be available as that presale token gets listed. Do the pre-sales happen before the tokens are listed on an exchange? I had the assumption that they were all listed.

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Wow! Nice thing to wake up to.. 😄 Hope it keeps on going!

In Trumpman's words: Get us Rich you bastard! ... ok ok not exactly the words mister Trump(man) would use, but who cares {LOL}

To all those who like to sell their SEED. You may also contact yours truly! I'll be doing you an offer you can't refuse {where is my pistol?}

Because of this (most of our liquidity is locked). I CAN'T GUARANTEE a buyback of all your SEED at the current backed price of 3,82$.

Have you ever had anyone asking for a refund?

Yep, only one. But even If this was the case, I promised a guarantee of buyback when I started the project :)

I know you did, I remember that and know you keep your word :)


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Im really liking your managerial approach, we think very similar in risk management. The movement to stables is never sexy, but it is what creates a solid foundation. We will see together a AUM of 1 million if you keep this way. And the more the AUM grow, the more your reputation will be built.


PS.- Why anyone with healthy mental health would want to liquidate their SEED now? lol

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