28th is the day of truth for hive price

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I really like seeing the price moon like that. I remember when Steem was 6 dollars and my balance in USD seemed huge. Now I can see Hive at 0.6 and my balance in USD is even bigger then Steem was back then.

This pump does not feel right or maybe we are not used to seeing reasonable prices anymore. For me the whole HIVE project was undervalued with all the action that is taking place before the migration so this is not that bad of a pricing right now.

My fear is that this is all just due to HUOBI listing the token and giving away 1000 HIVE to the top 100 on their platform. This action runs until the 28th.

image.pngimage from pixabay

The elephant in the room is:

Will the price stay at that level when those people get their payout?

I personally doubt it.

Then the next question is:

How far will the price tumble?

  • If it falls back to 0.3 I would still be really happy.
  • If we hit 0.15 we are back at Steem levels I would prefer 0.165 just to be above Steem and to piss off Justin
  • If it goes to 0.1 we are back where we were and I really doubt it will go a lot lower for long. That seems to me the bottom where people really buy in more.
  • (but what if it just consolidates at this level?? how cool would that be)

I had some liquid HIVE and sold it anticipating the spike but I really did not think it would go that high. So I am glad to have taken some profits on the way up. Lets see if it will go back down or not. Either way, I guess it will not make a big difference in the long run

the only other thing that is bugging me are the coin sites.

  • Coinmarketcap: Hive is at 200+ and the HUOBI listing is not in there either
  • Coinpaprika: Hive is not even listed
  • @Coingecko: they are the only ones that are getting it right

Until then I am enjoying watching my value on Blockfolio and cannot help taking a peek every 20 seconds...


My thoughts exactly. I think a lot of people will be selling some hive, especially after they got their Huobi reward. I sold way too early and want to learn from my mistake. So actually I would be quite happy if the price goes down again😅

hehe, same here, but in the end I would be ok with it staying at 0.8. In the long run that would be the best and I will be able to live with selling a bit for cheap.
I put it in BTC so thats a long term play as well

I'd thought the pump initially was due to the 1000 Hive game, but at the current prices I'm struggling to see who would buy in just for the sake of what would now be a few thousand dollars, seems like a big risk to take!

It's totally surreal!

It will be interesting in a couple of days!

yea, I really am curious what will happen but hope that we keep some of the gains even if we do drop after the 28th

do you know if account creation is jumping now or not?