Things going well for Liotes and a new Wind Maker

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It's Monday and it's time for the Liotes News. I initially planned to skip this post but there is a lot of wind where I am and I couldn't go to the beach. Therefore there was time to create the Liotes News post.

A new Wind Maker

We have updated the Liotes Ranking and we are happy to welcome a new member among the Liotes Wind Makers. As 15th member of this restricted circle, we welcome @mypathtofire among the Wind Makers. In addition to slightly higher upvotes from our curation trails, he also gets a one time bonus of 5 LEN for reaching this rank! Congratulations

Nice numbers for the project

If we look at the numbers of this week, we need to point out how the liotes.voter account is growing week after week. The account is voting now with more than 44'500 Hive power. We pay daily dividends to the delegators in the form of LEN tokens. The dividends that we pay represent an APR of 10.5%. This week, we have paid a record amount of 1143 LEN tokens to our delegators. This is worth a total amount of 85 Hive at today's LEN prices! We have bought all these tokens on the market in order to distribute them.

Another interesting thing to point out is that this week we have sold some LENM tokens. Whenever we sell LENM tokens at 5 Hive piece, the proceeds from the sale is powered up and increases the liotes fund. Each LENM sold profits thereby the whole ecosystem because we rent this hive power out. The more hive power is rented out, the more money comes in and the more everybody holding LENM profits.

This week I couldn't do a complete update of the project because of my limited internet connection. This is the reason why the second layer found hasn't grown. This will change once I'm back home and I will do several weeks worth of income together.

The numbers of this week

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A project run by @ph1102 and @achim03



Yay! Congratulations to @mypathtofire! He is absolutely crushing these goals :) Very happy to welcome him in the fold.

Despite being on vacation, you @achim03 & @ph1102 are doing a great job as always! Liotes keeps growing....we have another new Discord member @caulderfreeman (as of last week) so a big welcome to him as well!

Have an awesome week & I hope you get to enjoy the beach after the wind dies down! ;)


Thanks a lot for your amazing support Jen and for welcoming people in the Discord while we enjoy our holidays ;-). It's much appreciated !

Thank you! Im glad to join the Windmaker ranks!

but there is a lot of wind

I apologise in advance for the extra wind, but I am pleased to become a Wind Maker!! Thank you for this great honour and the awesome returns from the Liotes Project.

The more Wind Makers, the more wind and I can't enjoy the beach 🤣.

Congrats man! Thanks a lot for your support and trust in this project!

I still didn't know that Liotes had a Diesel Pool, I hope this project continues to grow at this rate

The Liotes project has plenty of side projects that are worth to be discorvered :-). The Diesel pools is probably amount the bigger ones ;-)

Congratulations to the new Wind Maker! !LUV

Great to see new people joining the exclusive club ;-)

Congratulation to @mypathtofire 🎉 I've been on hiatus in increasing my LENM and WORKERBEE as I'm trying to focus on my Rising Star first 🤣Nice to see more LENM sold

It looks like you have a "wide focus"... hehehe... There are too many tokens for a cheap price at the moment... It's hard to focus on one :)

Yeah, 😕. The rising star is my main focus in HIVE and after they changed the requirement for Starbits Millionaire last month, I'm still catching up with the new requirement 😅.
Splinterlands -> All cards sold and Tokens sold (DEC, SPS, and VOUCHERS).
Liotes -> Still stay without any unstake and buy for a moment
Workerbee -> Same as Liotes

All HIVE goes to Rising Star to keep my Starbits Millionaire in good condition.

Thank you! Good luck towards your Rising Star goals!

Great to see another Wind Maker @mypathtofire congrats bro.

It is nice to know that you are actively powering up and renting HP to provide more rewarding ecosystem to the community. I am also surprised to see LENM price, which is currently 4.97 in ASK price, but low and high this is the game of crypto marekt.

We realize that you are in travel and also giving your time to the project somehow. Stay safe and enjoy the vacation..


Yes the project is growing with every LENM that we sell at 5 Hive. Of course other users can freely sell their LENM at a lower or higher price :-)

Congrats to @mypathtofire!

Well deserved!

Congratulations to @mypathtofire and don't worry about the complete update. I hope you enjoy your vacation and break.

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Thanks for the mention, appreciated. 👍

I do enjoy mine, and it looks that Achim will soon go back home... and come back to HIVE "full-time" before me... :)

One more week then I'm back ;-)

Big congrats to you @mypathtofire 😄. I shall endeavor to work my way up slowly and steadily.

Thank you! It is great to be producing wind again! 😄

I look forward to seeing you climb the rankings. 🚀

As I can see, you get to the Top40! Great news! Thanks!

Congratulations @mypathtofire on becoming a WindMaker. Nice APR for the project. Thanks for the hard work. Take care.


You are welcome. Thanks for stopping by!

Thanks man 👍 love this project and the guys behind it.

Thanks for the update. Slow and steady moving up.
Looking forward to more updates once you are back home.

And congrats to @mypathtofire.

I'm on holidays for one more week and then I will be giving more detailled updates :-)

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