Waiting for the Hivefest report

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It's @achim03 here. The last week-end there was Hivefest in Amsterdam and @ph1102 was part of it. Since he left for Holland, I have exchanged only a couple of words with him:

hey man... it was crazy last two days... I didn't have a minute to send you a message

That was the extend of the news I have received from Holland so far lol. Zoltan will travel back to Spain on Wednesday and I'm looking forward to learning more about his Hivefest experience.

Again 700 LEN tokens burnt

For the second week in a row, we have managed to burn 700 LEN tokens. This is roughly 70% of the weekly supply. Our long term aim is to burn the whole weekly supply and to have a stable amount of tokens in circulation. We are inching closer and closer towards this target.

Updated Liotes ranking

We have updated the Liotes ranking this morning. Nobody got a new title this week.

The numbers of this week

Liotes weekly19.09.22.jpg


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Nice, another 700 go for it. 🔥Waiting for briefing news from Zoltan. 🙏 Some people already posted too about HiveFest and it was interesting. So many people there... The first question I wanna know is How to attend such a big event like that? 🤔 Is there like a pre-sale ticket or just an invitation only? Thank you~

The first question I wanna know is How to attend such a big event like that? 🤔 Is there like a pre-sale ticket or just an invitation only?

Anyone can attend... There was an official post with ticket prices, accommodation, etc... So, next year, don't miss it!!

I see 🤔 Nice info 👍Hope I'll see the post for next year. 🤗Thanks

From the posts about Hivefest, I think people had a great time.

I saw some pictures of Zoltan on the boat that were shared in the discord and on livingujtaiwan's update! But I'm looking forward to a full report 🙂😜.

I was also looking for pictures from Hivefest and I saw Zoltan a couple of times :-)

wow! 700 LEN burned. Is there a possibility that the token becomes deflationary?

The idea is that over time, the number of tokens burned equals the number of tokens minted. Once this is reached, the next step would be to give more value to the token.

Great work with the project. Can't wait to hear how Hivefest went. Take care.


Thanks, I'm looking forward to hearing more about Hivefest as well.

@liotes! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @darmst5339. (2/20)

The tip has been paid for by the We Are Alive Tribe through the earnings on @alive.chat, feel free to swing by our daily chat any time you want.

Thanks for the update! Wow I am ranked 15th already!

congrats for climbing up the ranking :-)

I follow the Hivefest via YT but still waiting for Zoltan's perspective. 😎

I did the same. There were some interesting presentations I believe.

Looking forward to your take on what happened during hivefest 😜

Well there were all these videos from the Hivefest but I think it must be different to be there and to have contact with people.

So there are about 1k LEN tokens produced each week? I think that goal of 100% produced burned per week will happen soon enough as the account grows bigger.

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Yes, it's definitely a matter of time. It's a rather slow process because the growth takes time but we will get there.