Building passive income on HIVE (Hive portfolio updates and some extra bits) - Day 9

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Something happened with the SPT curation as I did not receive any rewards this week. Hive got a nice pump, and it is slightly down now, so this week I focused in adding some more tokens providing passive income. After I got my CUB close to 8K, now I can finally focus on my HIVE and Leo targets for the month. Anyone knows a nice curator for BATTLE?

Hive: 2858 - $2457 (+34)

SPT: 1028K - $9669 (+1K)

Leo: 4598 - $1059 (+53)

POB: 2435 - $537 (+15)

Passive income tokens

LENM: 29 - $124 (+1)

LBI: 200 - $51 (zero)

BROFUND: 35 - $165 (+5)

UTOPIS: 20 - $57 (+4)

ARCHMINER: 2.1 - $90 (+0.1)

DHEDGE: 150 - $24 (+66)

Total: $14083 ($13615 last week)

The Hive blockchain portfolio is now slightly up $368, Hive big jump in value being the main reason, even reaching a 1.2$ one day this week. The total value of my cards is constant at the moment. While this is good for the game, I am not that happy, still, I have high hopes to make a serious profit when the lands will be launched. CUB total is close to reach 8000, probably two days from now. I think that next week I will reach both targets of 5000 Leo and 3000 HIVE. On Splinterlands, I got until 37.5 K SPS, as per day 73/365 of the daily Airdrop, and 200 ASH on Cryptobrewmaster doing quests. (The games I play right now on Hive are Rising star, Cryptobrewmaster, DCrop, Dcity).

As for curation, I am upgrading my @leo.voter delegation to 2400 HIVE, and the @meowcurator one to 4500 LEO, aiming for a 5000 this month. I got 1 Million SPT to @monster-curator for STP rewards, planning to keep it at least until the Splinterlands airdrop ends, but I did not see any SPT payments this week on hive-engine. I wonder what happened. I did notice that I have some problems with the new Splintertalk forum UI and that there are some bugs here and there.


My total BCH on Celsius is now 0.88 ($538) and I have some more on my account, but for some reason I got an error message every time I try to send it to my wallet. A lot of transactions of $0.01, as i found out. I may need to ask on the wallet help to see how I will unstack them funds.


This week I received 14 TRX ( $1.39) from staking Tron, and 25 TRX ($2.48) from staking WIN, so the total is 39 TRX ($3.87). I added some more WIN from PancakeSwap, and I have staked right now 2M WIN and 10679 TRX.

That's all for today.

All the best,


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