Why? I mean why is it awesome?

It just seems to me people want more and more. I see them getting watered down (Tokens for everything). We have a perfect reward token with Hive. Instead of creating more & more tokens I believe it’s better to make Hive incorporation better. I dunno just my take. But not every project that’s good needs a token.

All tokens would be connected to Hive in many ways anyway, so it's not like they would handicap it or take value from it. I know many who've made quite a lot of hive they've powered up by either earning or trading hive-engine tokens or assets. Of course for every trade there's a counterparty bagholder but the age of hive and its tokens is just getting started and the markets can swing often and relatively sudden and quick (as we've noticed with hive itself recently).

It doesn't necessarily need it, but I think it could increase usage, interest and support if they had their own token. Video content is harder to produce and this could act as an extra reward for video content producers.