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RE: Will 3Speak Bring Out A Token

in #leofinance3 months ago

This is a very interesting topic of discussion. I love the spk network's team and follow their activities. As you said, They have a good and solid reputation and have invested a great deal into this system.

If a token is created, it will serve as a great deal. However, the team seems to have a long road map of activities for the Spk network.

3speak also have other areas to build on. Like a way to stream live would be cool.

The idea of rewarding users for watching videos is long discussed.

This would be super awesome. It would bring a lot of people to Hive. Who doesn't want to watch and earn crypto? :)

Anyway, It would be nice if it gets implemented. Although, I strongly think there is a lot on their plate already.



There are a lot of options. And yes the SpkNetwork team is very strong with stellar reputations. We all know they are dedicated to moving things of their focus forward.

That is why I concluded they are not going to zap 3Speak but rather, keep expanding it.

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