Just When Bitcoin Price Looked Like It Was Gonna Double Top New Hope Comes In!

The last 48 hours have been big for bitcoin price. After selling off a few days ago with price failing to reach 10K again it looked like a double top was in play.

Hold your horses, it is not over yet.....


As you can see looking at the chart price rallied yesterday and is starting today's candle strong.

A lot can still happen, but this is a positive development and honestly one I did not expect. I was preparing for a move lower, to possibly 7,500 or more. At which point I'd be a buyer. Looks like I may not get that chance.

Until price breached and closes above 10,080 anything can still happen. But at the moment price action is positive.

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Dear @scaredycarguide,

I think I stopped trying to understand Bitcoin or Crypto price moves 😂. It seems to do the opposite of what it should do !

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