Cryptocurrency: Where We Are Now

We see a lot going on. There is development, new users, more applications, etc... Each day we see a number of articles on sites like Coingecko that tell us things are going crazy.

In this video I discuss how this can be misleading to many people. We are thinking that things are just around the corner. There is one element missing from all of this which is covered in this video.
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I'd say the most glaring infrastructure issue with Hive has got to be Resource Credit pools.
They will be the foundation of all bandwidth allocation.

I cant argue with that. We need a way to get people to be able to operate onchain. Without that, it is back to the transaction fee model.

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Instant gratification. It's the disease of the last few decades. We want everything and we want it now. Some things don't work that way though and most of the times those that don't work that way are the most reliable ones.

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Nope and any developer will tell you that coding goes at its own pace. Even when the coding is done, then the real fun begins.

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