A Local Alliance in the name of MUSIC!

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For @town-crier / https://www.towncriermarketing.ca, our vision is to help locally owned businesses build their own, customized marketing mechanism that matches the scale and objectives of their business. Most times, we become their advisor, trainer, or even the marketing department itself with clients. Other times, we partner with local organizations when it is mutually beneficial and we share a vision.

This quick blog is to highlight one of our most recent partners, The Bunker Stratford and a little colour on why we have linked arms.

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The Music


In a theatre town with a trove of performing talent, there seems to be an absence of grass roots supporters of local music. Whether it was because of the closure of a few venues who featured live music and local artists as a draw, or a couple years of lockdowns that prevented us gathering to enjoy live music, it is a relatively dry town in that respect.

The Bunker has donned the mantle as the place for local musicians to play, and it happens to be the main focus and vision for the business itself. While other restaurants, pubs, cafes and bistros often will hold an evening of live music, it generally is an aside for the business in order to put butts in seats. Very creative and magnanimous change to the routine but they are more a business promotion than a breeding ground of emerging local musical talent.


The Bunker is a smaller venue but very well set up with professional, studio quality gear, has a large stage for such a small club, and boasts a drum room so that louder bands can play and not be too much volume for patrons and neighbors. With music and performance as the main reason for being, there is music every night of the week and most of it open and accessible to every local from karaoke singer to solo performer, jam buddies to high school bands, and famous acts passing through looking for an intimate gig.

Music is the main reason for our partnership as community is built on art, and local music needs to be fostered.

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The Ownership


Our main contact is John who has recently joined the ownership team in the last year. He is fantastic enough as a guy with a solid vision that we would consider working with them just on his merit. He is not alone though in the evolution of the business, launch of the bar with a full liquor license, and the grand re-unveiling.

Jereme has been there as long as I can remember back to when we first met him as a fantastic barista! Having a hard-working co-owner who slings a mean coffee and cocktail with a smile is definitely a huge asset.


Potentially saving the best for last with Chelsy rounding out the ownership group. As much as John and Jeremy do for the operation, Chelsy does all of that as well as managing the digital marketing and social media. (Notice how we make the distinction between the 2.) Beyond that, she adds a touch of extra class, has a passion for the business and just so happens to sing like an angel!

With a team this strong, with an ownership mentality and the passion to be constantly improving while striving for that vision, this is the team that will make it happen.

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Community Fun

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We are more than happy to put our hands on the rope that is attached to the cause of making more music happen in this community. With a steward of local music dedicating its full-time existence to providing a venue for everyone to enjoy and engage with, the town simply becomes stronger and more fun to be in. You know we wanna be front and center for all the fun and games that come with live music.

We share the vision of a dedicated music venue that will make sure there is music 7 days a week. We also see partnering with the city and other venues to promote our town as a music haven and attract talent and audiences from out of town. There should be more places for high school bands to showcase and develop their talent, more opportunities to meet other musicians and collaborate with, more music flowing into the streets of our artistic little mecca.

Besides doing the right thing with the support of the music scene through The Bunker, we also get to lean our efforts into exposure for the movement and events themselves. Definitely good for our exposure as a partner and another place to hang for a beer doesn't hurt either.

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A giant rock salute to John and the rest of the team for making the time to form our local alliance. In case you missed it, (and for the benefits of small town SEO) here are a few links to check out for more about these businesses.

Never underestimate the power of backlinks for a small business!

TCM div.jpg

So excited for the community support and being able to tell the stories and help local businesses. Feel free to create a blog for your business https://signup.hive.io/ and ask @town-crier crier how to leverage it towards success. http://www.towncriermarketing.ca


Excited for more live music?


I like the partners with beer most of all! So many things going on and so much potential value for the blockchain in #shoplocal

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