World Gone Mad.

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My brother and his wife showed up yesterday to pick up their mail which comes to my place. He stayed in the car. She walked over wearing a mask. They won't enter my home because I am the "the unclean". I decided to write an email to everyone on my email list, life long friends and some family, that I never hear from or communicate with anymore.

Here it is:

Subject: World Gone Mad

Has it even occurred to you how crazy things have gotten? How families and friends are being divided from each other, racially, politically and now with the global pandemic, the vaxxed against the unvaxxed?

Have you ever taken the time to do some research on the actual statistics, at least what are available to us? According to the global health authorities, a bit over 5 million people have died from covid, and out of a global population of 7.9 billion, that equates to a .06% fatality rate.

And even those statistics cannot be accurately measured because, at least in the US, CDC guidelines give vast loopholes to label death as from CV, with comorbidities listed secondly. Annual influenza flu statistics have disappeared. So, I'm in hospice, at death's door, and I get the sniffles and have a fever, with or without a test, my death certificate might be labeled as death from covid.

Not to mention, according to the developer of the CRP test, Pulizer prize winner, Kary Mullis (who conveniently died young before the official outbreak) declared that one could find a corona false positive easily by just repeating the laboratory cycles of the test. He called it bogus, and also challenged Lord Fauci to a debate, which of course never happened, because Mullis suddenly died. After a significant number of vaccines, the CDC lowered it's requirements for laboratory cycles? How convenient is that?

Add to that the fact that early on in this so-called global pandemic, at least in the USA, hospitals were instructed to cancel all non-emergency procedures with the scare mongering that the hospitals would be overwhelmed with covid patients, which never actually happened, although hysteria brought a lot of people into hospitals who were otherwise healthy and probably just had seasonal flu. So they were given financial incentives to label patients as admitted with covid, and even more monetary incentives if a person died on a ventilator, which seems to pretty much determine a certain death.

All therapeutics were banned, like hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, (which had been proven in countries like India to be a therapeutic cure) and that no encouragement of self-immune boosting supplements like D3, VitC, Ceretuim, Zinc etc were promoted.

For a relatively minor virus for the vast majority of healthy people, and which primarily affected the elderly with comorbidities, we have a global effort to shut down small businesses, mandate vaccines, which we now know do not work, shut down schools and still force children to wear masks, while statistics have proven that children have no greater threat of dying from CV 19 than the same statistics of annual flu? And now they want to jab every fucking little kid with an experimental vaccine?

Our supply chains are broken. Crime is more rampant than ever. Small businesses are crumbling. Inflation is affecting all of us, and most particularly, the working class.

Our southern borders are wide open now, with millions crossing, no testing, no vaccine requirements, and cross border drug infiltration of the most dangerous drugs ever invented, fentanyl, just being allowed into our cities, and townships. That is not to mention all the thousands of undocumented children, even infants, being brought in and distributed across the country for sex and work slavery. You won't see much if anything about this on your MSM news stations or newspapers.

Now we have these variants, and we all need boosters. The latest, Omicron (an anagram for Moronic) which so far has not seen one single fatality, and those that supposedly tested positive for it (even though the tests if one actually researches such) are not even able to test or isolate the CV19 virus, let alone all the so-called variants, and symptoms are very mild, much like a bad cold, but we are suddenly all being fear mongered, once again, into masking up, rampant testing, controls on travel, etc., etc.

It hasn't happened quite as bad in the US yet, because it still has some fragments left of a Constitution, but other countries like Australia and Austria, are actually locking the unvaxxed up in concentration camps. Did you know that? In Germany, the unvaxxed are not allowed to enter any public venues. Everyone has to show "their papers".

I'm not even going into the adverse effects these experimental MRna jabs are having on people, young and old, across the globe. You won't hear about any of this in the news.

If you don't yet see that this is a global psychological operation, and the only way to stop it is to begin to figure out that we are all being played, and begin resisting, well welcome to contact tracing, showing your papers, and a globalist fascist government where AI technology will control all of us, at least those of us left. If you believe you are still free, think again.

You still have a chance to choose. I don't care anymore if you don't like me. I am writing this because I still care about you.

Please, stop listening to the propaganda rampant in MSM, and do your own research. If you cannot yet see a plan for global domination and the total destruction of freedom and national sovereignty, then just stay very, very afraid, and stay asleep. It's almost too late.

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