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I support the art police even if they seem like dicks...because of they seem like dicks, the people they are dealing with are much worse (I wanted to say bigger, but dicks tend to like that description).

I like art critics, too. We need nore of that here. After coming back are you featuring your lonely art more...did you miss us? It seems you are still loved and appreciated. Don't forget.

My favorite part is

Painting is something people do with paint.

We know you don't think this includes dogital art. So define paint. Some would say drawing with color and brush. I don't know, I've only painted walls mostly.


It's not easy dealing with those folks. It's best to be firm and consistent. No emotion, just cold hard facts, and who cares how it makes the scammer feel. That scammer didn't care about anyone and deserves it in return.

Hey man, I don't forget. For sure I missed hanging out here. I was 100% confident I could come back and would be treated like an old friend though, and that was the case. I didn't burn those bridges and they were still standing when I arrived. Very cool.

Some use the term 'painting' loosely here. At that point it's then up to their presentation. Are they trying to pass off digital as physical paint? If so, there's a problem. Most of the folks who use the term loosely aren't doing anything wrong. For me, I'm still using brush strokes, or virtual spray paint. My hand is still doing all the work, manually. Some folks use high tech 3D modelling algorithms and special effects. Not me. Black digital canvas and even just a mouse is all I need.

When someone says I painted this, but it's clearly a photo passed through a cheap filter or special effect, then there's a huge problem. That's the most common art fraud here.

I agree not to be soft on abusers. If a mustake is make apologize and ubless they are unreasonable, they should be able to get past it.

I think the only people who have a hard time coming back are those who rage quit, screw up, or only blog about dodgy investments and promotions. Steem has its fair share, but a lot of the famous examples have been pushed out.

I agree fake art is a huge problem. Whenever ai take a photo and its not mine I explain it. If it is artwork I'm photographing that is especially mimportant. It's like doing a book report without mentioning the author, except more misleading unless the lainting is very famous.