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Hemp can replace so many products, one which was a bit of a shock coming across as I didn't expect it was hemp coffins, hemp urns which are biodegradable for those that are wishing for an eco-friendly option when it comes time.

In the Mexican and Spanish cultures they celebrate each year the day of the dead remembering those that have past on in a massive celebration, celebrating their life, as a remembrance.

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A company in the UK sells 8.25" 8.25" x 5" hemp ash urn boxes which have a natural hemp covered base, the top is handmade paper, it doesn't say whether the paper is handmade hemp paper or wood pulp paper which goes for around 70 pounds.

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A company in Australia Nimbin which designs, builds, and sells there brightly decorated coffins out of lightweight compressed hemp board 19mm which comes from Germany, which is lined with hemp rope handles, will set you back $700 to $900 Australian.

There are images from other company's online that used to sell wicker and hemp coffins.

As it may be something we try to push to the back of our mind it's good to know there are options available in hemp.

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