Putting passion into practice

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Life combines many age-stages easily summarised by beginning, middle and end, which for all of us, is inevitable; The end. Most don't rush towards that ultimate conclusion to life however many spend parts of their life doing certain things, being a particular person, thinking and feeling in certain ways. The exact moment of life we are each in, our past and present circumstances, all contribute to the whole thing of life and whilst I don't believe there's one single thing that binds it all together oneof the most valuable elements [in my humble opinion] is passion.

Passion isn't simply an emotion we feel, or can feel at a young age - It's not reserved for youth, middle-age or old age; It's an ageless attitude. It crosses all boundaries: Cultural, gender, religious, intellectual...It's a universal emotion.

We also don't just apply passion to other people - It can be bent towards many varied things and it brings with it an energy, a vibe, transforming us into a better incarnation of ourselves; It brings us into the moment , the present, the right now.

For some, passion is hard to find however if one can capture the essence of it, apply it across the three age-stages, to ones' own emotions, thoughts and acts the three basic phases of life can become transformed into deeper experiences. Looking back on the past can be a rewarding or painful experience; Which depends on what one did with it it in each moment. Regret is a constant, and brutal, companion as the past not lived passionately cannot be re-made. Applying passion to the now-moments of a person's life is a way to avoid the unwelcome friend called regret.


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