Fire Cider Recipe! Immune System Strengthener!

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Last nights full moon did not only inspired me to make more moon water, but feeling a bit of a cold coming on inspired me to make some more fire cider!
What is fire cider? Fire cider is an apple cider vinegar based tonic made famous by the herbalist Rosemary Gladstar. It’s great as a cold weather tonic used to ward off colds and flu and heck might even help with symptoms of Covid. Honestly anything is worth trying.
The original fire cider recipe includes horseradish for its warming properties. Since I grow hot peppers in abundance I decided to use those.
I layered some fresh peppers on the bottom of my jar and some fresh pieces of ginger and peeled garlic cloves.
Then a whole sliced onion.
This I topped off with raw/organic apple cider, a half teaspoon of cayenne pepper and proceeded to cap it off using a plastic mason jar lid.
I prefer plastic lids as I’m not canning this tonic and vinegar solutions tend to rust ring lids.
After your solution has been sitting for a month I strain it and add raw honey to taste.
I take a shot glass full of Fire Cider every day once cold and flu season starts. And 2 shot glasses if I feel a cold coming on. Some people even use it as a salad dressing or marinade. This tangy, spicy concoction should be in everyone’s home apothecary specially in times when medicine shortages might be possible.
Have you ever tried fire cider?
Hope you’re staying healthy and safe!


I imagine the smell is not really good. :) but yeah the benefits are great for our body

All you can really smell is the vinegar, it tastes similar to dressing without oil. And it’s very spicy! Yes the benefits are worth it!