Let’s Make Onion Powder & Salt!

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We had quite the successful harvest of onions last year! I still have quite a few but I did notice some were starting to sprout in my cold storage area so I needed to preserve them before they went to waste.
I went ahead and cut around the core of each onion saving the core to plant for more seeds and onion greens which my family can never get enough of!
I proceeded to place the diced onions on the dehydrating trays and set my dehydrator for 9 hours at 125. Let me advice you, whenever you dehydrate onions please move your dehydrator to a well ventilated area, I move ours to the garage, because the smell is overpowering and can be nauseating, even for me and I love onions. After they are completely dried to a crisp I save some as is for soups but I also like to put some into the blender to make onion powder and onion salt.
To make onion salt use two parts powdered onion to one part salt and save in a glass spice jar such as this one
You can even stir in other dried herbs into your onion salt for a personalized seasoning!
I love being able to fill my table with goodies from my garden!
Now to snack on these beautiful radishes the rabbits missed on their morning strolls through my garden lol.
May your home be filled with warmth, your pantry full and may you always have good health!


Here you go making onions sexy! I keep meaning to dry my garlic in the dehydrator so I can sprinkle it on my food. Thanks for the reminder.

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