Let’s Roast And Can Some Salsa!

in #life10 months ago

88897EC8-CE01-4AE0-8CD9-998FA06DE314.jpeg One of the things I have learned to love during lockdown has been my new routines. Waking up and listening to educational videos as I walk this little guy has nor only broadened my knowledge at 43 but is a breath of fresh air in between the toxic news as of late.
Reading (running my businesses had rarely allowed time for this), gardening and tending to my pets and hens and having extra time to spend as a family is truly a treat!
Did I tell you my hens started laying their gorgeous Easter eggs again?
Another thing I have really enjoyed enjoyed doing more than ever has been canning. I always enjoyed food preservation but now canning has taken a very important role in my life and my pantry.
After a small harvest of jalapeños and tomatoes for the day I decided to make some roasted salsa with these little treasures from my garden.
I sterilized my mason jars and lids and proceeded to roast 4 large (and spicy) jalapeños, 1 quartered onion, four halved tomatoes and half a head of garlic in the broiler on low for approximately 15 minutes turning them over halfway through the roasting.
Once they were perfectly roasted I put all of this into the food processor including the roasted garlic, the cloves slide out of their skin like butter, and added salt to taste. I like my salsa a bit chunky not all the way puréed but you can process it either way.
I added the juice of 1 lemon and stirred it in. I added my salsa to each jar leaving 1 inch head space, wiped the rims with white vinegar on a paper towel and then proceeded to cap the jars and finger tighten them.
I processed them in a water bath for 30 minutes and when done I removed them to let them cool and label. This will store in a cool pantry for about a year.
And of course I left some out to enjoy!
Now I’m off to can some more!
May your home be filled with warmth, your pantry full and may you always have good health!