Simple Chili Garlic Oil Recipe

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Our hot pepper trees seem to never stop producing here in Southern California due to our mild climate! Today I harvested a bowl of Tabasco peppers for pickling and turning into Tabasco sauce! I grow different varieties of peppers and they each have their purpose. I love making chili pastes, pickled peppers and all kinds of salsas with them to keep and gift to my family and friends so I’m always grateful for the abundant supply. After having dehydrated some Thai peppers I decided I’d make chili garlic oil!
For this recipe I heated up safflower oil till it was “frying hot”. I like to use this oil for its longevity and it’s very clean almost nonexistent flavor.
In a glass jar I added a whole head of minced garlic . One part garlic to 3 parts dried pepper flakes is what I used as I think it tastes better a tad more spicier.
To this I add the hot oil, pouring it in very carefully as it bubbles and rises so pour it in slowly poking with a chopstick in between pours to get all the air bubbles out and to mix it properly.
Once you have poured in enough oil add salt to taste and seal your jar.
Now let this oil cool on your countertop and refrigerate once it’s cooled for approximately 24 hours so the oil becomes infused. This oil keeps for about a year refrigerated. It’s delicious over noodles, soups and whatever you think would benefit from a little garlicky spice goodness!
Do you think this is something you’d enjoy?
May your home be filled with warmth, your pantry full and may you always have good health!