Weekly Melange

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Wow last week went by fast but I was able to get so much accomplished before we get some much awaited rainfall this week here in So Cal. I was able to dehydrate all the extra veggies we harvested for soup mix as well as pickled, fermented and canned our bounty.
Our family is a fan of pickles! Well everyone but my daughter @anyavp , she has more of a sweet tooth. But I try to incorporate fermented veggies to our meals as the probiotic benefits are amazing for your digestive health. If you don’t like the sourness of ferments I suggest you try coconut yogurt or “manna” such as this brand. It’s cocunutty, fizzy and tastes delicious added to fruit bowls.
Having made the decision of only growing things that feed or heal us in our garden has been one of my favorite projects. My garden is never perfect, it’s not as organized as the ones on Pinterest and sometimes my chickens escape their coop and do their share of landscaping but I’m still quite content with our results.
Thanks to our mild weather we have tomatoes year round.
Any scraps that don’t go to our compost bin continue gifting us in our meals such as these onion scraps I regrew for onion greens and seed.
And I was pleasantly surprised to find out my dehydrated buzz buttons still retain their numbing and fizzing qualities!
Maybe someday soon, when the world reblooms and I’m able to reopen my business I will buy a freeze dryer like @flemingfarm ! Oh those things look amazing! I would like to try my hand at freeze drying my harvests, it seems like so much fun!
This new week has so much uncertainty tied to it, I hope we all remain safe and hope for the best possible outcome.
May your home be filled with warmth, your pantry full and may you always have good health!


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