Technology of Construction materials // The exponential evolution of our buildings at all levels and scales.

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The most outstanding capacity of technology in the field of construction has been the study of the properties of materials, used for buildings in various areas such as bridges, buildings and other important structures that have offered us comfort in our lives.

By means of the technological study of the properties of the materials for the aforementioned construction, it has made possible the improvement of their qualities, thus achieving a greater added value both in the elaboration and in the application of each one of these transformed materials. at molecular levels.

The properties studied or taken into account by technology are the following:

  • Physical Properties:
    Which describe the external characteristics of a material.

  • Chemical properties:
    Of great importance to know them, since they offer us the possibility of transforming said material.

-Acoustic Properties:
Through them we can know the ability to absorb, transmit or reflect a sound that materials possess, these properties provide the possibility of greater peace of mind when offering a building whose interior is or offers total silence.

  • Thermal properties:
    The behavior of a certain material when subjected to the effects of heat or temperature changes can be known through these properties.

  • Electrical Properties:
    They allow us to know the capacity of electrical conductivity that a certain material possesses.

  • Optical Properties:
    The ability of a material to pass through them, little, medium or totally light, gives us the study of these properties.

  • Mechanical properties:
    Through these properties we can know the resistance capacity of a given solid when it is subjected to pressure of forces or forces.

Therefore, the technology has given us the knowledge to a greater depth of these properties, allowing us to create even more resistant structures, due to the improvement of mortars, which is a compound formed by a fine binder and water, allied with brick or stones, has given greater strength to our structures, but the same mortar also fulfills other types of functions within the world of construction, for example mortar attached to a coarse aggregate gives way to concrete, whose main functions is to act as an insulator, filling and of resistance.

Structures of any kind, which make up a total building, are subject to great natural phenomena, either normal or unexpected occurrence, therefore, this is where we can understand and value the enormous contributions that technological advances make, since any construction is subjected to efforts, which may have the ability to modify the molecules of a particular material, thus achieving deformation or consequently break it, these types of efforts are:

-Traction: When the forces acting on the material do so in the opposite direction, that is, at the end of it, making it extend.

-Comprehension: The forces that act on the material do so in a concentrated way, thus achieving the opposite effect of traction, that is, for this case the material is shortened or reduced in size.

-Torsion: It is when the material distorts it or manages to twist the transverse rotating forces to which it is subjected.

-Banking: This type of effort is considered a case of understanding.

-Structure: considered the element or set of elements, which have the capacity both to receive and to transmit the loads to the element of the final support, that is, the ground, which represents the element that receives all these charges at the end , therefore it is undoubtedly the final support structure, for this case, we can mention the types of structures that are required to support certain tensional requirements, depending on the type of construction to be made, they are:

  • Vertical structure
    -Isothermal structures.
    -Surface active.
    -Forma activa.
    -Vector active.
    -One active.

All these characteristics that play a vital role in the difficult discipline of construction, have been improved dramatically with the application of new technologies, thanks to them then has been possible an expansion both improved and modern of our buildings, is for that every day we can observe buildings with great solidity, also with great artistic loads.


Author: @autavio72


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