Netflix, wallstreet, federal reserve ALL FRAUDS! Why we need to HIKE interest rates OR abolish the Federal Reserve all together! FUCK CRONY CAPITALISM that favors LIBERAL AGENDAS! That is FASCISM!

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Netflix has long relied on debt to finance its ambitious projects, since revenue from its subscriber base doesn’t come close to covering the costs of its movie and TV shows. The company has repeatedly said that favorable interest rates make debt financing an attractive option as it pursues high-profile titles, which it hopes will generate more subscribers.
Earlier this month, Netflix reported that it lost approximately 130,000 U.S. subscribers during the second quarter. It’s the first time that the company has seen its domestic subscriber base fall since 2011. Shares of the company plummeted on the announcement by more than 10 percent.

THIS is why we need the federal reserve to be abolished OR at least raise interest rates! Sorry Trump you and wallstreet are SO wrong on this idea that we need lower interest rates... That just lets these crooks and banks CHEAT and STEAL from those who have good ideas and capital to raise fairly and let them throw free money at stupid insane liberal ideas!

Jack up interest rates to over 15% and watch how fast wallstreet and the left crumble while middle class and workers prosper from the added benefit of reduced licenses and taxes and regulations. THAT is how we rebuild America!

HUGE INSANE INTEREST RATES so that you ONLY borrow if you HAVE to and have a detailed plan for paying it back! Jack up college tuition all you want, just make sure the rates are over 30% APR! Want to buy shit you can't afford that you have 0 idea how to make profitable? 85% interest! Just like the liberals want to do for LEGIT EARNED INCOME!

No that should go to 0% tax you earned it you keep it! Are liberals stupid? Is Trump stupid? This is one topic I HIGHLY disagree with him on...