Happy Mother's Day From Donald Trump

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I Love My Mom More Than Trump Loves Trump

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I had trouble finding a store that was open amidst the COVID-19 pandemic to get my mom a Mother's Day card, so I decided I would ask Donald Trump. He's an old friend. Then I thought about it for a few minutes and remembered, just because I live near Atlantic City and was a patron of his casinos when they were open, doesn't make us friends. And I also realized I didn't have his number and I didn't feel like calling the secret service to get it, so I did something The Don himself might do. Just make a card pretending to be him and sign his name. Obviously not looking for a forgery merit badge here, so I put a humorous spin on it since I always give my mom funny cards, never serious. Lately, my mom and I talk about Mr. Trump quite often, the good, the bad and the indifferent. My whole family seems to think it was hilarious so I thought I'd share. Feel free to copy or re-purpose for all your holiday card needs.