470lb Hex Deadlift Lifetime Max

in #life8 months ago


It doesn't look like as much as last time because I used all the skinny blue plates. They are still 45s but they are just super skinny. Also the Hex bar is 50lb instead of 45. I weighed it on two different scales.

I weighed in at 217lb and this is more than twice my weight.

I made a strong attempt at 480lb. I got it off the ground and inch and stalled. The original goal was to get to 500lb but to be honest it is risky. It puts so much pressure on my lower back. I think I'm mainly going to focus on more volume at lower weights and get stronger at lunges.


**What's it like to lift more than twice your body weight? Like Batman 🦇 and the Flash ⚡ showed up and asked me to be in the Justice League. 🦸‍♂️ 🤣 **