Clot Shot Memes Part 2 💉

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It's crazy to see all the athletes having issues with their heart or getting blood clots. The mainstream media has swept it under the rug and the CDC suddenly just acts like blood clots are normal for athletes. Very strange.

If you haven't seen the compilation of athletes collapsing and even dying it is on Rumble. YouTube has removed it even though it was simply a compilation of news reports. You can formulate your own opinion on whether this is normal.


It is amazing how some news outlets will come up with reasons why so many soccer players are having issues. The whistles suddenly scared them and messed their hearts up. As if whistles didn't exist before.







It is frightening to think about all the people having issues from the vaccine. My dad even had this big scab develop on his arm around where he got one of the covid shots.

My theory is it caused a clot and luckily it didn't end up in his brain or lungs. I don't know what to tell you guys. Everyone is different but it isn't normal that all these athletes are having issues.

I saw a video where a Canadian doctor was saying that the heart inflammation will cause most of the people with those cases to die in the next 5 years. This could be an extinction level even that plays out over a longer time.


They just not want wake up :(((( sad to see .

It is really sad..... what they have done to people is criminal.


There are people dying like flies from the death jab but normies are too mind controlled to see the obvious...

The VAXXX manufactures will wish... will soon BEG, that they can be sued in court for VAXXX damages.

To anyone who work for the VAXXX industry, i recommend you change your job, change your name and move to a different state, or another nation.

Because there will be a LOT of people who are very ANGRY with only a year to live.
And since they cannot get justice through the legal system, they will get it through the vigilante system.

I hadn't even thought of this, but yeah.
Are you on discord/telegram? I'd like to talk to you offchain if possible.

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has a public server, i am in there under the same name.

Yup! I have friends who got problems from Vaxx too!
More and more people and children are dropping dead here too.

As Dr. McCullough says, myocarditis doesn't go away. Once the damage is done it's forever.

Early on I had heard the clots were caused by the spike protein latching on to blood cells and blood vessels. Haven't been able to confirm if that is the case yet.

It's almost like people are in a mass hypnosis, or mass formation to not be able to put 2 + 2 together.

BTW audio was played on the No Agenda show a few episodes back of the Pfizer CEO saying that initially they were not going to do an mRNA vax because it had never been done before, but "they" kept telling him to do it so he did. We don't know who "They" are though.

Can anyone see the pictures? Seems like the link for every image is broken and this was only posted a couple of hours ago...